1988 Reunion

EGS closed its doors in 1965 with remaining staff and pupils transferring to Diss Grammar School. The school bulidings were soon in use again as home to the St Peter and St Paul Voluntary Primary School. Eye Primary School remains today in the old EGS buildings, albeit with some extension and rebuilding.
1988 Reunion

On 2nd April 1988 a first school reunion was held at the primary school as a result of an idea dreamed up by Barry Dye and Bert Hatcher, pupils from Class 1954. Some 380 former pupils and staff gathered for the reunion and came from the four corners of Britain and from as far as Canada and Florida. Old friendships were renewed as youth was relived.
Barry Dye, Ian Terry, Michael Durrant & Alan Root
Ian Terry and Barry Dye revived their music group, The Strangers, after some 25 years and provided music till late. A mass of memorabilia was displayed including books, reports, photos and remnants of school uniform.

The joy that was felt by all who went to the first reunion was summed up brilliantly by this letter which appeared in the East Anglian Daily Times on 14th April 1988:


Eye School Reunion

Sir, - Re the Eye Grammar School reunion, was it real or did I dream it? On April 2, 1988, over 350 of us converged on the school from all parts. it seemed as if it was a dream to be standing in the old school hall - 40 years on. There was the excitement of memories flooding back, the beautiful wonderful recollections of school days. Oh how we chattered and nattered.

It was so marvellous to see ex-school friends looking and good and doing well.

Oh how proud I am to have belonged to such a swell school and community. Our teachers were great, and though we like other children played tricks we loved them and respected them so very much.

Such a pity our school had to close.

I would really like to say a great big thank you to all my friends and everyone, especially the ones who thought it all up.  The food was terrific; the band superb. Sadly, some missed out on this occasion, but none were forgotten as they all fit into our jigsaw and they were recalled with love.

Sheila Last (nee Thomas)

Garden Lodge, Snape.