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Posted 30th January 2017

1. Sad news to report. Malcolm Easey of Class 1952 died on 29th January.

Malcolm was a great supporrter of the Grammar school reunions and attended every one at the old school.

Posted 5th January 2017

1. Christine Cooper has now published the Eye Grammar School Facebook page. It can be accessed via the following link where you can join the group.

EGS Facebook

Christine can be contacted at Christine Cooper

Posted 20th Deember 2016

1. This website is now hosted by Community Action Suffolk  rather than Suffolk County Council. This means the association needs to pay for the site at a current cost of £36 p.a. inclusive of VAT. With a currnt value fund of £490 this should not be problem for some years.

2. The headmaster of Eye  Primary School has confirmed that he is keen to retain the EGS Honours Boards

3. The EGOSA Committee are considering making a gift to the school -possibly a framed photograph of the 2015 reunion attendees.

4. Christine Cooper has volunteered to set up an EGS Facebook page. More on this when up and runnning

Posted 4th November 2016

1. Jerry Rolfe has recently made contact with the Suffolk Records Office to discuss the possibility of the EGOSA records being archived permanently at the Records Ofice. This is likely to be paper records rathe than larger objects like pictures. Jerry is also discussing the possibilities of a display of EGOSA memorabilia at Eye Town Hall. If you have ay thoughts on these projects, then please get in touch.

Posted 9th September 2016.

1. Until now this website has been hosted by Suffolk County Council. From 1st November 2016 this responsibility will pass to Community Action Suffolk (CAS). All One Suffolk websites hosted by CAS will have to pay an annual charge, which for the EGOSA site will be £30. The EGOSA account can comfortably pay this for the immediate future.

2. Condolences to the family of Maureen Le Good of Class of 1949 who has recently died.

Posted 23th April 2016

1. At a recent Committee meeting it was decided that the bank account would be kept open wih a small residual balance for the foreseeable future. The website will also be retained and updated as information comes to hand. It was also decided to make a gift to the school - prodably a framed photo of the 2015 reunion. The Committee also discussed the EGS Honours Boards with regard to their future.

2. Ray Chiappino has told us of the death of Dr. Neville Smith of the Class of 1944. Neville had held the post of Professor of Medicine at Nottingham University having passed one 'O' level in 1949!

Posted 22nd December 2015

1. Jerry Rolfe has successfully produced the reunion dvds and has sent them out by post to all who purchased them.

2. The winning balloon from those released at the reunion was tagged by Peter West. The tag was found within a few days by a woman living near Bonn in Germany!!

3. Simon Beatty from 53 year group has made contact with us. He is living on a small island south of Brisbane in Australia.

Posted 6th October 2015

At the reunion on 20th June a video booth was available to record members' inputs. From this a DVD was to be produced and made available to members for £10 each. In response to members' enquiries, Jerry Rolfe, the DVD producer, said on 5th October -  

"At the moment I am scanning the last 100 items for inclusion then I have to take a few photos and get it all together. At that point a friend in Eye who is a retired film maker will help me to produce the dvd.  I can’t give you a date but only say that it will be A. S. A. P."
Posted 28th June 2015

1. The final EGOSA reunion was held at the old school on Saturday 20th June 2015 marking the 50th anniversary of the closure of Eye Grammar School in July 1965. A total of 190 members and guests enjoyed the chance to meet old friends from 11am through to 5 pm.

2. On arrival complementary coffee and biscuits was available, followed by a special service in Eye Church, which was preceeded by ringing of the church bells. Lunch at 1pm was later followed by presentations to the oldest member, furthest travelled member and ex-teacher Andrew Stratfold. Afternoon tea and cakes accompanied the release of massed tagged balloons. The event drew to an end by singing of the Schoool Song and Auld Lang Syne. An extensive memorabilia display proved very popular once again. All catering was provided by the Queen's Head, Eye.

3. A novel photo booth was available all day for taking photos and videos of members and guests. These will be available for sale as prt of a DVD costing £10. The DVD will also contain many photos from previous reunions and those provided by members as part of the memorabilia displays. We will be emailing all members,(for whom we have an address), shortly with details of the DVD offer.

Posted 10th June 2015

1. The chance to buy tickets for the reunion next week has now ended. In total 187 tickets have been sold. The Reunion promises to be a great success. Eye Church bells will be rung, a balloon for everybony will be released and Auld Lang Syne will be sung!!

2. A list of attendees will be published on this website in due course.

Posted 18th April 2015

1. To date 145 tickets for the 20th June Reunion have been sold, which compares favourably with previous events. Although the official closing date for applications was 17th April we expect a number of further applications yet. If you want to attend and haven't applied there is still time.

Posted 13th March 2015

1. The invitation to the June Reunion was sent out to 190 email addressees and 165 postal addressees in late February. Take up is expected to result in 120 to 150 members attending. Currently 50 tickets have been sold. Please make your application by 16th April. Tickets will be sent out in May 2015. If you are an ex-pupil and haven't received an invitation letter, please call David Chapman  on 01291 628178.

Posted 20th January 2015

1. Does anybody know the author and date of the Eye Grammar School song? If so, please advise Roger Lay -

Posted 15th January 2015

1. David Chapman and Jean Emeny represented EGOSA at Anne Fewkes' funeral in Nottingham on 7th January. Upwards of 100  mourners were there to hear about the full life of a much-loved and respected EGS History teacher.

Posted 5th January 2015

1. Richard (Rick) Tiller of Class 56 is a new contact to the association and hopes to attend the reunion in June.

Posted 1st January 2015.

1. The funeral for Anne Fewkes will be held on Wednesday 7th January in Nottingham. Details follow:

Wednesday 7th January, 2015 at 12 noon - service at Mansfield Road Baptist Church, corner of Gregory Boulevard and Sherwood Rise, Nottingham NG7 6JN.   1.15 pm Bramcote Crematorium, Coventry Lane, Bramcote, Nottingham NG9 3GJ.   Afterwards everyone is warmly invited to join us in the Orchard Suite at the Gateway Hotel, Nuthall Road, Nottingham NG8 6AZ to continue the celebration of Anne’s life.   Family flowers only.  Donations can be made to the Stroke Association, c/o Baguley Bros, Funeral Directors, 500 Mansfield Road, Sherwood, Nottingham NG5 2FB.     Please note there is no dedicated parking for the church.  You can park on Gregory Boulevard or on side roads off Sherwood Rise.   You are welcome to come to the Crematorium or you may go straight to the Gateway Hotel.  On arrival tea and coffee will be available.  Please drive to the car park at the back of the Hotel and use the rear entrance into the lobby/reception area.  The Orchard Suite is on the ground floor.   For catering numbers I would be grateful if you could let me know if you will be joining us at the Gateway.  Thank you.  Helen Fell (Anne's cousin).

If you are going to attend please advise Barry Dye at

2. A happy new year to all - we hope to see many of you on the 20th June, which is forecast to be hot and sunny!

Posted 22nd December 2014

1. Very sad news. Helen Fell, Anne Fewkes cousin, has informed us that Anne passed away on the morning of Saturday 20th December. Helen sent us the following summary.

To those of you who have not heard I am writing with the sad news that Anne suffered a stroke at the end of September.  She was in hospital for several weeks before moving to a local Care Home.  There they provided for all her needs including physiotherapy as her mobility was greatly impaired in that she could not walk or look after herself.  However, her speech improved significantly and she was able to hold a good conversation. I am sorry to say that  Anne passed away unexpectedly in the early hours of Saturday morning. Once funeral arrangements have been made I will write again with details.
We will keep members informed about funeral arrangements as they come to hand. We expect that the association will be represented by one or more committee members at the funeral of our much loved History teacher.


Posted 4th November 2014

1. We have had news that Anne Fewkes has suffered a serious stroke after returning home after an operation in hospital. We will keep you informed when we learn more.

Posted 27th October 2014

1. Sad to report that Hazel Lond (nee Woods) of Wortham has died. She was in Class of 1955.

Posted 21/10/2014

1. Sadly three deaths to report. John Rush (1946), Roy Parke, and Ian Kimber (1942)

Posted 17th October 2014

1. An EGOSA Commmittee meeting was held on 8th October to continue the planning for the 2015 reunion. The Queen's Head in Eye are to provide bar and all catering i.e lunch and tea snack. THe next letter to members in February next year will include the application form. Tickets are expected to be about £17.50.

2. We have heard from his nephew that Dr Edwin (Ted) Spinner is sadly now in full-time care.

Posted 25th September 2014

1. Letters or emails were sent on 24th September to all members on the EGOSA database - 170 letters and 150 emails. The letter is a reminder about next year's reunion. If you are an ex-EGS pupil and haven't received your copy please contact David Chapman.

2. Pauline Cowens (nee Craig) has emailed to confirm she will attend next year's reunion. She is currently Principal at Tauranga Girls College in New Zealand.

Posted 11th June 2014

1. In late May notice of the 2015 reunion was sent by email or post to all on the EGOSA database. There were about  175 letters posted and 150 emails sent. If you are a member (ex-EGS pupil) and did not receive the notice please contact David Chapman.

2. The mailing has resulted in notification of some deaths. Ian Drury in 2011, Mary Major (1947 class) in May this year and recently Brian Ager (1946 class) on 31st May 2014.  Brian's funeral is at St Mar's Church, Diss at 2.30 on 8th July.

3. Peter Brewer, who attended the last reunion, got married, aged 92 on 31st May 2014!

Posted 20th March 2014

1. An EGOSA Committee meeting was held on 13th March to discuss the plans for the next reunion to be held on Saturday 20th June 2015. Two new committee members were welcomed to the team - Jerry Rolfe and Simon Gowen.

2. It was confirmed at the meeting that the 2015 reunion would be the last such event to be held by the EGOSA Committeee, and will mark the 50th anniversary of the closure of Eye Grammar Schoool. Although further class meetings might well take place subsequently, the 2015 reunion will mark the end of a successful tally of six whole school events.

3. All members for whom addresses are held will be mailed initially in May 2014. The preferred contact method is by email (i.e with free delivery), and only if an email address is not held will a letter be sent by post. Therefore, if you think the Commmittee may not have your email adress or you have changed it please advise David Chapman on 01291 628178 or at

4. The Committee are always looking for ways to improve the reunions. If you have any ideas of how to improve the 2015 reunion please let the Committee know (David Chapman as above). How can this last event be made special?

5. All members are requested to contact their schoolfriends in case they don't know about the last reunion to be held on Saturday 20th June 2105.

6. The Committee expects that numbers in 2015 will surpass those of recent years - so don't miss a great day!!

Posted 20th September 2013

1. Copies of the group photographs taken at the 2013 reunion were sent out in early August to all members for whom we hold an email address. If you did not receive your copies please email

2. We expect to mail all members in early 2014 advising them of the next reunion planned for 20th June 2015.  This may be the last such reunion and will take place 50 years after the closure of Eye Grammar School.

Posted 15th July 2013

1. The reunion held on 29th June 2013 was agreed by all to have been great success. The day was blessed with plenty of sunshine and no wind to speak of. All went well - the bar, the buffet, the church service, the group photos and the memorabilia display. 

2.The next reunion is provisionally planned for 20th June 2015 - fifty years since the closure of EGS.

3. It is intended that a copy of the group photos will be emailed to members with an email address. Unfortunately it will be too expensive to post copies by mail. 

Posted 21st June 2013

1. Numbers for the reunion next week now approaching 140. If you have not appplied to attend and want to please contact David Chapman on 01291 628178 or email

2. Christine Cooper has confirmed that Oliver Bernard, English teacher at EGS 1964/65 has recently died.

Posted 1st June 2013

1. Tickets for the reunion on 29th June have been sent to all applicants. If you have not yet appplied and intend to please email David Chapman at for an application form.

2. The reunion will include a church service, dedication of a memorial tree for Mr RAB Parker, a group photo, lunch, tea and bar. Numbers are currently 125.

Posted 25th March 2013

1. Applications to attend the EGS Reunion on 29th June are rolling in steadily. It looks like there should be similar numbers as in 2010.

2. Judith Wright, ( nee Lewis) (1958 class) has reported that after several years in a residential home in Aldeburgh, ner mother Freda Lewis died recently. Freda was the wife of Geography master, Bob Lewis, and was a teacher at EGS herself from 1939.

Posted 16th February 2013

1. Invitations to attend the EGOSA Reunion on 29th June 2013 have been sent to all members for whom we have an address. 210 invitations were sent by post and 190 by email, the latter method saving considerable postage costs. If you have not received an invitation please email

2. The Diocese has agreeed that EGOSA can plant a tree commemorating the late Biology Master, Richard Parker in Eye Churchyard as part of the reunion in June.  A group photograph of all attendees will also be taken.

3. Sadly Cecil Cousins, Class of 1942, died on 13th Feb 2013. Cecil attended all the previous four reunions usually with his brothers Donald and Rex. We are hopeful that Rex will take the church service on 29th June.

Posted 14th November 2012

1. A memorial service for Mr RAB Parkr will be held at Eye Church at 3 p.m. on Sunday 25th November 2012. It is expected that many EGOSA members will attend.

Posted 5th October 2012

1. Richard Parker's funeral will be held at Eye Church at 12 noon on 12th October. Donations to Christian Aid or Eye Church Restoration  Fund. there will be a memorial service at a later date at Eye Church.

Posted th October 2012

1. We are very sad to report that mr Richard Parker has died aged 95. details funeral, memorial service etc. frm Norma howell - see address below.

Posted 2nd September 2012

1. Until the end of this month please direct enquiries to Norma Howell at

Posted 20th August 2012 

1. If anybody can remember the late Peter Burnard, who was at EGS in 1956 -57, please contact David Chapman at or on 01291 628178.

Posted 25th July 2013

1. A pen picture article about Mr Richard Parker was published recently in the Eye Magazine on the occasion of his 95th birthday. He intends to make it to the reunion again next year.

2. Colin ruffles of Class 1951 has recently made contact; he lives in British Columbia, Canada. Unfortunately he is unable to make the reunion next year but wishes all well.

Posted 7th June 2012

1. Mary Allum has resigned as EGOSA Secretary. The Committee has thanked her for her work over the last couple of years. There is a need for a couple more Committee members - so if you are able to make it to meetings near Eye and want to help please contct the Chairman.

2. The EGOSA Fund currently stands at just over £700. This should be sufficient to carry out the tasks needed for the next reunion on 30th June 2013.

3. Plans for 2013 have been approved by the new head teacher at St Peter & Paul Primary School.

4. We need as many email addresses as possible for EGOSA members so that postal mailings in 2013 are minimised. If you change your email address, please let us know.

5. The 2013 Reunion will be styled as the 'Silver Jubillee Reunion' as it will be 25 years since the first reunion in 1988. The Committee are looking to make 2013 special - the favourite idea at the moment is for a school photo - including all attendees.

Posted 20th February 2012

1. We have heard today that Ruby Love (nee Lines) Class of 1950 sadly died yesterday at the Nuffield Hospital in Ipswich. Ruby was an EGOSA committee member for many years and worked as secretary at the primary school. Barry Dye and Norma Howell will represent the EGOSA committee at the funeral; date not yet known.

Posted 18th February 2012

1. All onesuffolk websites are to be migrated to a new platform by the end of March 2012. This means the EGOSA Website will move to a new address.  This will be The new site will be bulit up over the next few weeks until all the current site has been transferred.

Posted 7th January 2012

1. A happy new year to all members. Committee member Mike Salt had a serious operation a few months back  - he is well now and still waiting for those EGS anecdotes to be sent to him -

2. Robin Durrant of class 59 has recently made contact. He has an insurance brokerage in Kelowna, BC, Canada and would like to make it for the 2013 reunion.

Posted 11th October 2011

1. Keep up to date with this website for details of the reunion to be held on Saturday 29th June 2013.

2. Committee member Mike Salt was recently admitted to hospital for major surgery. We wish mike a swift recovery so tthat he can attend the Committee dinner night in October.

3. The Committee is looking for new ideas for the reunion in 2013. Suggestions so far include setting up a permanent display cupboard in the Primary School or a mural in a frame depicting life and people at EGS. Any ideas please for something interesting and amusing!! Ideas to .

4. We were recently contacted by Mike King, who was in Class of 1952. He lives in NSW Australia, where he has been since 1966. Thanks to Mike for providing more names for his class list.

Posted 1st May 2011

1. All members should by now have received the 2011 newsletter. either by post or email. If you received the newsletter by post and have an email address please forward it to

2. A number of newsletters were undeliverable. In order to keep the database current please could members advise of any information/latest address for Dorothy Mayes (last address Chester), Rosemary Brown (Bressingham), Joan Thompson (Eye), Elizabeth Thornton (Badwell Ash), Linda Stoker (Aberyswyth).

3. A Class List for 1945 now posted under the Class Lists channel.  Details supplied by Clive Wigby.

Posted 9th April 2011

1. A pre-war EGS inter-house sports shield was recently purchased by the association and will be displayed at the 2013 reunion.

2. A further plaque has been fixed below the commemorative plaque (unveiled in 2010) by Miss Fewkes and Mr Parker. It records the unveling by the two ex-teachers.
3. A newsletter for 2011  was recently sent to all members for whom we have email addresses. The paper version will be sent to all other members by post in the next few days.

4. Mike Salt is still keen to receive EGS anecdotes / stories for a booklet he is intending to produce. Please send these to

Posted 7th February 2011

1. At a committee meeting held on 2nd February 2011 it was decided that the date of the next reunion would be 29th June 2013, rather than the 2012 date previously considered. The reunion will be held at the old school as usual and take the same main format as the 2010 event.

2. At the above meeting the Treasurer reported that the fund held a little over £1,000, a sufficient sum to carry out a mailing to members in the first half of 2011. However, as many people as possible will be emailed only in order to keep down postage costs.

Posted 9th December 2010

1. following information from Bill Chambers, the 1938 Class List now posted plus a number of teachers' names added as well on the Staff page.

Posted 8th November 2010

1. Miss Fewkes speech at the commemorative plaque unveiling added to 2010 reunion pages.

2. Mike Salt is still EGS collecting anecdotes for publication before the next reunion in 2012. ( ).

Posted 29th October 2010

1. More photo pages have recently been added to the 2010 Reunion section. If anyone has further photos of the 2010 reunion please send to

Posted 23rd October 2010

1. At a recent EGOSA committee meeting it was decided that the next reunion will be held at the old school on 30th June 2012 (before the Olympics begin).  The school and vicar have been approached and are happy with this date.  It is envisaged that the 2012 reunion will be similar to this year's event with a morning start.

2. The Committee have decided to erect a further smaller plaque below the EGOSA plaque on the school wall to commemorate Mr Richard Parker and Miss Anne Fewkes, the former teachers who unveiled the plaque.

3. Currently the EGOSA funds stand at just over £1,000, which will be sufficient to launch the mailshots for the 2012 reunion.

Posted 8th August 2010

1. The reunion held on 26th June 2010 was a great success with 160 members and guests attending. Please access the 2010 channel on the left to see the attendance list and reunion photos. If you have photos to display please email them to

2. A survey was carried out at the 2010 reunion to find out views on future events. There was a firm majority in favour of another reunion at the school in 2013.

3. This website has been fullly updated recently and several expired pages were reactivated. If you find any errors or bits that don't work please let email details to

Posted 22nd May 2010

1. Everything is in hand for the reunion on 26 June. The committee met recently at the school to check accommodation etc. The Yaxley Cherry Tree will be providing the bar (Adnams available). Numbers at the moment for the reunion are 135 - a little lower than in previous years but applications are still trickling in.

2. The offer to purchase ties has run into trouble. We were originally told by the supplier that a minimum of 24 at the price of £4 would be OK. We now find the price has increased sharply and the minimum number is 72.  We may have to drop the plan.

3. Webmaster and Membership Secretary, David Chapman, has moved back to Wales. Suffolk House, Welsh Street, Chepstow, NP16 5LU - 01291 628178.

Posted 21st April 2010

1. Applications for tickets for the 26th June Reunion now total 112.  However, the numbers coming in are now slowing so it is unlikely we will have anywhere near the 200 who made it in 2007. 

2. Tickets will be posted out in the next few days.

Posted 15th March 2010

1. Mr RAB Parker has confirmed his attendance at the reunion in June and has consented to unveil the commemorative plaque.

2. Trevor Cox has supplied some of the Class of 1963. See new list under Class Lists.

3. Applications to attend the reunion are continuing to come in steadily.

Posted 4th March 2010

1. First 60 applications for the reunion in June have been received. Staff members Ann Fewkes and Andrew Stratfold confirmed.

2. David Leggett photo gallery added including interesting photo of his father Aubrey in EGS gear 1910.

3. The invitation to Mary Ford (class of 1960) at Grundisburgh returned as 'moved away'. Any ideas?

Posted 16th February 2010

1. Sadly, Miss Verena Fisher, one of our oldest members died recently. She was at EGS from 1923 to 1930.

Posted 12th February 2010

1. 330 invitations to the 26 June Reunion were recently posted to ex-pupils and staff.
If you are an ex-pupil and do not receive your invitation letter please contact David Chapman at

2. Various items of EGS memorabilia, including the school bell, are now at the Hartismere High School prior to being displayed in the library as part of the History of Eye.

Posted 30th December 2009

1. Sadly one of the remaining teachers from EGS has died. Ruth Bull (nee Hurrell) died before Christmas. This leaves just Richard Parker, Anne Fewkes, Andrew Stratfold and Oliver Bernard as surviving teachers.

2. We have recently established contact with Richard Scales of Class 1948. He lives in Walton on Thames and is keen to attend the 2010 Reunion.

3. The school handbell is now in the possession of Judith Wright (Lewis) and she is to make it available for the Hartismere High School display, which is to be put together in January.

4. At a recent EGOSA committee meeting it was decided to send out the invitation letter to the 26 June reunion in February 2010.

Posted 27th October 2009

1. The commemorative plaque, to be unveiled at the 2010 Reunion, was completed in the summer and has been approved by the Reunion Committee. It does look very good.

2. A photo of the EGS boat, Martlet, sent in by Ron Giles (year 59) has been added to the Photo Gallery.

3. The Reunion Committee enjoyed their annual evening meal at the Fayre View Restaurant in Diss 17th October.

Posted 15th June 2009

1. Four photos added to Stephen Govier's photo gallery.

Posted 11th June 2009

1. Mr RAB Parker has written to the Association. He thinks the EGS sports cups went to Eye Secondary Modern School - now Hartismere High School. He also supplied details of how students qualified for the  EGS honour boards. He is not in good health but is keen to attend next year's reunion.

Posted 3rd June 2009

1. The 2009 letter to members (for whom we have addresses) was sent out last week to 335 people. If you have not received your letter please contact David Chapman. The letter outlines arrangements for the reunion on 26th June 2010. It also covers details of the commemorative plaque, which is now in manufacture.

2. We have been informed of the death of Kitty Harwood in December last and of Jean Blakemore (nee Pallett) (1942 -47), also last year.

3. Elizabeth Sansom (nee Fowler) (1957 -6?) has recently registered with the Association. She lives in Western Australia.

4. Eric King has contacted the Association to say tht the EGS Sports cups were in a display cabinet at Hartismere High School as little as 10 years ago. Research continues.

Posted 7th April 2009

1. Ronald Giles of Class 1959 has made contact and intends to attend the 2010 reunion. He is living and working near Loddon.

Posted 16th March 2009

1. The commemorative plaque has been approved by the school governors and will now be manufactured by Perfitts of Diss and will be ready this summer. It is intended to unveil the plaque at the reunion on 26th June 2010.

2. Ms Jenny Maywood has donated items from her mother's time at EGSfrom 1911 to 1915 - school report and a needlework sampler for the Hartismere High School display.

Posted 17th February 2009

1. The EGOSA Committee met on 16th February.

a. Mary Allum (Morton), Class 1951, joined the Committee and agreed to become Secretary to the Association.

b. The final design of the commemorative plaque was agreed by the Committee. We will now seek the final approval of the primary school governors for the design, position and date of installation.  Perfitts of Diss will then be asked to complete the work. We have an estimate for manufacture (without installation) of £490.00 but we have a donation fund of £1598.25 to complete the plaque project. Any surplus will revert to the main EGOSA fund.

c. The Committee agreed to send an initial letter about the next reunion to all known members in mid-May of 2009. This will serve as a reminder and will ask for a response indicating likely attendance on 26 June 2010. This letter will also thank those members who kindly donated to the plaque project.

d. David Chapman is liaising with the Headmaster of Hartismere high School about an EGS display within the school. We have now been lent a number of items from members, are promised others and will certainly have enough material for our needs. However, if anyone has a school cap please let us know. The display will be part of a larger one tracing the history of Eye and will hopefully be in place by next year.

e. The Committee agreed to continue to try to trace the school registers and the various sports cups. If any member has knowledge of their whereabouts please let us know. We are also interested in the rules relating to the Honours Board, which appear to be unclear.

2. If you want to contact another member please enquire and we can let you have details (if we hold them).

Posted 5th February 2009

1. Class list for 1949 updated. (Thanks Paul Sutton).

2. Plans for the EGS display at Hartismere high School further explored with the headmaster. We can now start to design the display - probably to be shown in the school library. Thanks to those who have donated items.

3. Jenny Maywood is to donate a needlework sampler completed by her mother, Phyllis Stowe, in Form II of EGS in 1912.

Posted 29th November 2008

1. See photo below of the latest drawing of the commemorative plaque to be unveiled at the next reunion in June 2010. It will be A3 size.


Posted 8th November 2008

1. The drawing for the commemorative plaque is currently being updated by Perfitts of Diss.

2. The plans for the EGS display at Hartismere High School are moving forward. A number of suitable items have been donated. If you have any item that might be considered for the display please let us know.

3. The Class Lists pages have been updated with a table for the Class of 1943. Most of the details for this were provided by Derek Bradstreet. 

Posted 15th October 2008

1. Derek Bradstreet (1943 class) has provided the names of four more teachers from the war years, which have been added to the Staff List. (Miss Duck, Mr Wormald, Miss Homan & Mr Greenfield).

Posted 3rd October 2008

1. A full size drawing of the proposed commemorative plaque has been produced by Perfitts of Diss. This design will be discussed by the committee at their next meeting.

2. Janet Davey is continuing to work on obtaining memorabilia for the proposed EGS display cabinet at Hartismere High School. We expect to have the school handbell soon and already have blazer and tie donated by Melva Huggins (Watling).

Posted 8th August 2008

1. Bernard Bland and Clive Baxter have resigned from the 2010 Organising Committee for personal reasons. Many thanks to both for their time on the committee.

2. The design for the commemorative plaque has been approved by the primary school governors and has been submitted to Messers Perfitts of Diss for the production of a working drawing. The cost of production by Perfitts will be approx. £500 with an extra £100 (maximum) for fixing to the school building. The funds donated for this project have topped £1500. When the desiign drawing is ready it will be posted here.

3. Janet Davey has now sent out letters or emails to all who lent items for display at the 2007 Reunion asking if they would be willing to do the same for the proposed Hartismere High School display. This would be on the basis that any items offered would be reclaimable at any time and of course available for the 2010 Reunion.

Posted 3rd June 2008

1. David Chapman has met with Mr Jim McAteer of Hartismere High School to discuss the proposed Eye Grammar School display, which would form part of a larger permanent Eye heritage and history display within the school. We will now contact members who provided items for display at our 2007 reunion to ask if they would be willing to lend items to the proposed display at Hartismere High. So if you have caps, ties, blazers, photos, trophies, prizes, prospectuses etc we will be pleased to hear from you.

2. Alan Burrows (1959) has investigated the EGS school tie. Alan has found a supplier who can provide EGS ties almost identical to those worn in far off days. When we next write to all members we will ask if they would like to purchase an EGS tie ready for the 2010 reunion. The ties would be wider and more modern than the originals!

3. Over £1400 has been donated towards purchase and fitting of the proposed commemorative EGS plaque to be displayed on the primary school front wall.  Design and manufacture will now go ahead over the next two years ready for unveiling at the 2010 reunion.

Posted 19th April 2008

1. A committee meeting was held on 16th April to mainly review progress on the commemorative plaque project.  Barry Dye, who chaired the meeting, is now mostly recovered but is not yet passed fit for Adnams intake!

2. Just over 100 members have generously donated more than £1,300 to the plaque project with cheques still coming in. The committee believes this will certainly be enough to design, buy and install a plaque of which we can all be proud.  

3. The plaque will be unveiled at the next full reunion in June 2010. The replies received broke down as follows - 50% voted for 2010, 39% voted for a ceremony as soon as the plaque is ready and 11% expressed no preference.

4. Mike Salt arranged for a 'designer friend' to produce a first version of what the plaque might look like. His idea is for the plaque to be in the shape of an eye with suitable wording including school dates and crest. The committee rather liked Charles Cupper's suggestion of 'A place of learning that was of benefit to so many' Any comments please? 
Mike's initial idea is shown below - comments please.


5. The committee decided to investigate with a number of suppliers various materials for the plaque e.g granite, simulated granite, acrylic, brass, stainless steel & aluminium.

6. Nearly 100% of members, who replied to the February 2008 letter, voted to start the next reunion in 2010 in the late morning and that no live band is needed.  The committee will now plan along those lines.

7. The committee also discussed the EGS honours boards, which are still in place in the primary school. We would like to provide a wall-mounted explanation of what the boards represent. Additionally, we wish to know if the names are complete and what factors determined who got their name in lights. If any member can provide further information this would be very helpful.

8. The committee also agreed to meet with the head of Hartismere High School to find out just what he envisages for the permanent EGS exhibition at his school. 

Posted 10th March 2008

1. Donations for the plaque project continue to arrive and sufficient that it will definitely go ahead.

2. The Class List for 1935 is now posted thanks to details sent in by Richard Bailey through his daughter Carol. This is our earliest published list. Richard had two elder brothers at EGS before 1920. Richard also provided some more details about teachers, which have been added to the Staff List page.

3. Can any member help with the following?

        a. What happened to the various sports cups when EGS closed?
        b. What were the requirements for scholars' names to appear on the      
            Honours Boards in the hall? We are considering writing an explanation for
            people who visit the primary school.

4. Amazingly, this website received 278 visitors in February!

Posted 22nd February 2008

1. Donations to the commemorative plaque project are coming in at a steady rate. It is looking likely that we will be able to proceed. Currently there are slightly more members asking that the unveiling be part of the 2010 Reunion rather than an unveiling when the plaque is ready later this year.

2. Nearly 100% of members, who have replied to the Feb letter, are happy for the 2010 Reunion to start in the morning and without live music.

3. Judith Wright (daughter of Bob Lewis) has told us that she has in her possession the original handbell rung in EGS at breaktimes/ period changes etc. and will lend it to the Association.

4. Hartismere High School will be building a small museum area within the school later this year utilising artifacts from the digs taking place where the new sports hall will be built. As part of this the Headmaster, Jim McAtear, has asked our Association whether we could provide a permanent EGS display as part of the project. Your committee will consider this at the next meeting in March and no doubt this will be agreed.

Posted 12th February 2008

1. About 300 letters were posted to members in early February in order to bring everyone up to date on progress for the 2010 Reunion. The letter also floated the idea of a grammar school commemorative plaque to be fixed on the outer wall of the primary school facing Church Street. The response to the letter has been very positive with a number of donations for the plaque being received already. All donations will be acknowledged, although this may not be for a few weeks so that we can mail all donors at the same time and update them with plans for the plaque. (Miss Fewkes has donated to the plaque fund and is very enthusuiastic about the project - while we hear Mr Parker is not as well).

2. Chairman Barry Dye is still recovering from his operation but is back working part time.

Posted 12th January 2008

1. We are sad to report that former committee member, Bridgette Dakin (1957 year), sister of David Chapman died of cancer on 11th January 2008 at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital. We extend our heartfelt sympathy to her husband Chris and the family.

2. Barry Dye, our chairman, has been quite ill following an operation in early December 2007, which left him with an infection. He hopes to return to full-time work in a few weeks time but says that he is by no means completely better.  We wish him a speedy recovery.

3. David Chapman and Norma Howell met with the governors of the St Peter & Paul Primary School on 10th January to discuss the proposed EGOSA commemorative plaque, which is to be fixed on the front wall facing Church Street. A position was agreed and we can now move forward with our plans. Mike Salt is working on the design and will report back to the committee with recommendations for materials, text, size etc.  It is hoped the cost of the plaque will be covered by donations from the members.

4. An update letter will be posted to all members of EGOSa in early February 2008.

Posted 22nd December 2007

1. Two additions made to the Staff List (thanks to Graham Dolby from Canada).

2. Update made to  page 3 of 2007 Reunion photo gallery (thanks to Gerry Hunt).

3. Seasons greetings to all EGOSA members.

Posted 30th October 2007

1. WW2 Air Training Corps photos added to Photo Gallery.

Posted 18th October 2007

1. Page 4 of 2007 Reunion photos posted.

Posted 4th October 2007

1. David Chapman and Chairman Barry Dye attended the Onesuffolk website awards at Kesgrave on 1st October, collecting a framed certificate from Cliff Cocker, Chairman of Suffolk Coastal District Council for this website as runner-up in the 2007 Leisure Section.  The awards were hosted by Rachel Sloane of Radio Suffolk. See photos by clicking here.

2. An application by letter has been made to the Governors of Eye Primary School to allow EGOSA to erect a commemorative plaque on the wall of the school facing Church Street. We are very hopeful of an agreement being reached.  Further details will be given in the letter to all members due to be posted later this year.

3. The EGOSA Committee recently met for a post-reunion dinner at a restaurant in Diss. During an excellent meal ideas were discussed for future reunions.

4. Ex-pupils are still registering with the Committee, usually by finding this website. Alan Pichel-Juan who joined Class 1960 in 1961 has recently contacted us with his details.  He now lives in France. At the awards ceremony mentioned above we also met and took details of Jim Thorndyke (1949 -1954), who is a Councillor on St Edmondsbury District Council.

Posted 28th August 2007

1. Notification has been received that this website has won the runner-up award in the 2007 onsuffolk Community Portal Awards in the Leisure category. The award is based upon the number of visits to the site and therefore this success is down to the EGOSA members who have regularly visited the site. David Chapman and Barry Dye will attend the awards ceremony in Kesgrave near Ipswich on 1st October.

2. Much of the updating of the website following the reunion is complete. However, the photo gallery for the 2007 Reunion is some way from completion.

3. Edward Cowham, before returning to Melbourne, visited the Collindale Newspaper Archive and printed off all of the articles printed in the Diss Express in the years leading up to the closure of EGS. These will be used (with others) to write up the closure history for the website and for display in 2010.

Posted 8th August 2007

1. Website updates are continuing and should be complete within a couple of weeks. The school history will be updated with more about the period 1944 to 1965 including the anti-school closure movement. The 2007 reunion page, when published, will link to a number of photos of the event.

2. The Committee met yesterday to discuss the 30th June reunion and to start planning for 2010. Mike Salt (1949) and Janet Davey (Rush, 1955) have joined the committee. Janet has taken on the memorabilia display for 2010. 

3. The June reunion ran at a slight loss but enough money remains in our account to  finance the mailings required for the next one. A letter to all members is to be sent out later this year to canvass views on the format for the 2010 reunion

4. The Committee have agreed to investigate the possibility of erecting a plaque or memorial of some sort commemorating EGS.  This would, if possible, be fixed on the outside of the primary school and facing Church St. It is likely to be necessary to carry out some fund-raising to have enough money for this project.

5. On Tuesday 7th August David Chapman was interviewed live on Radio Suffolk about this website as part of a series of items about the onesuffolk free websites. No adverse comments received yet!

Posted 18th July 2007

1. There were 220 members and guests at the reunion on 30th June. Please see a full report of the event under the 2007 Reunion channel on the left of screen.

2. The website is being expanded with more channels being added plus revisions of others.This work is ongoing. We also hope to provide a link to a forum where members can have their input to the site.

Posted 29th June 2007

1. Final total of tickets sold is 223, although two others may yet attend late on the day.
2. Memorabilia and display materials were received from forty members - a tremiendous response.
3. Miss Joan Thompson was unable to take up our invitation.
4. At the request of Mr Parker, the hymn 'Courage brother do not stumble' will be sung during the church service.

Posted 19th June 2007

1. 212 tickets now sold and a few more expected.

2.Miss Joan Thompson, lab tech in the final years, has been invited to attend as a guest.

3. if you have any favourite records from the 30s, 40s, 50s & 60s please let Barry Dye know and he will try to include them in the music during the day. Email Barry at

4. Memorabilia and photos are piling up for the display. At least one copy of each of the whole school photos from 1936 to 1965 will be displayed (produced bi-annually and WW2 years missed out).

Posted 8th June 2007

1. 205 tickets now sold and a few more expected. See the attendance list on this website.

2. Commitee member, Bridgette Dakin, was going to manage the memorabilia and photo display but is currently unwell. We are hoping she will be able to make it to the reunion on 30th June. Consequently, David Chapman has now taken on this task on and is collecting display material from all who offered it earlier in the year. If you have something which you think would worth displaying and haven't been contacted about it please let David know (01379 870084 or

3. We are pleased to report that this website last month had 327 hits, being the 15th most popular site out of a couple of hundred on the Onesuffolk portal! 

Posted 24th May 2007

1. Ticket applications still coming in - 190 tickets sold - so expect final tally to exceed 200. See list of attendees from Home Page or Reunion 2007 Channel.

2. Reunion tickets to be sent out within next few days.

3. We will be contacting those of you with memorabilia and photos by phone in the next couple of weeks to arrange the loans.

4. Judith Wright's sports photo album now published at Photo Gallery collection I. These are photo's from her father and mother, Bob and Freda Lewis.

Posted 10th May 2007

1. Applications for tickets are still coming in - if you haven't sent yours yet there is still plenty of time before the reunion. A total of 176 tickets now sold. You can see a list of attendees from the Home Page or Reunion 2007 Channel.

2. We are now expecting to send out tickets for the reunion in the second half of May.

3. We have recently heard from Judith Wright, (Bob Lewis' daughter - EGS 1958 -1964), that her mother, Freda is now in a nursing home at Campsea Ashe aged 88.

Posted 30th April 2007

1. 161 tickets sold - see list using link from this channel.
2. Class list for 1962 posted on the Members Channel.

Posted 21st April 2007

1. 153 tickets sold - see list using link from this channel

Posted 14th April 2007

1. 140 tickets sold - see list using link from this channel
2. Licence for bar to be provided by Eye Queens Head approved by District Council

Posted 3rd April 2007

1. 130 tickets sold - see list using link from this channel.
2. Please send in your ticket application as soon as possible so we can prepare tickets for posting out late April.

Posted 27th March 2007

1. 119 tickets now sold. 
2. List of attendees posted on this website and linked from 2007 Reunion channel.
3. Following EGOSA Committee meeting, Chris Watson to read lesson in church & Bernard Bland to take group photos. 
4. Patsy Helseth (nee Whant) (class 1937) confirmed is to attend the reunion from USA.

Posted 19th March 2007

1. 85 tickets now sold.

2. Melvin Cunnell (Class 1959) photo gallery posted.

Posted 11th March 2007

1. first 50 tickets for the June Reunion now sold.

Posted 24th February 2007

1. 280 letters with application forms for the reunion sent out to members.

2. A link to a copy of the letter and application form can be found under the 2007 Reunion Channel on this website.

Posted 20 February 2007

1. Sad to report that Yvonne Phillips (nee Scheele) of the 1957 class died recently.

Posted 12 February 2007

1. Lesley Neville (nee Peacock, 1957 class), living in NSW Australia, has confirmed intention to attend the reunion.

Posted 2nd February 2007

1. Six names added to the staff list under Members channel. Thanks to Joy Matthews (Randall) for these.

Posted 30th January 2007

1. Letter and application form for the reunion drafted and awaiting approval. Expected mailing date to all is late February.
2. Photo of 1960 Save Our School demo posted at Photo Gallery G.

Posted 25th January 2007

1. Andrew Stratfold unable to attend the reunion as will be in Australia.
2. Photo of visit to Houses of Parliament (1948/9?) posted in Photo Gallery. Thanks to Derek Bradstreet for this.

Posted 16th January 2007

1. Class list for 1953 posted and list for 1950 substantially updated.

Posted 11th January 2007

1. Teachers list now in alphebetical order and extended.
2. Class lists for 1956, 1957  posted.

Posted 3rd January 2007

1. Class lists for 1950, 1952 and 1961 posted under Members Channel.

Posted 31st December 2006

1. Teachers Mr Parker & Miss Fewkes keen to attend. RABP suggesting the hymn 'Courage Brother, do not stumble' to be sung at the church service.

2. Arthur Bean likely to play the organ at the church service.

3. Elaine Halton (Bootman) will give a short celtic harp recital as part of the church service.

4. A mainly cold high quality buffet will be available between 5.30 and 7.30 - to be provided by Gail's Country Cooking.

5. Stephen Govier will attend reunion to offer for sale prints/original works by his father former Art Master, J H Govier. Also his new book on Hoxne.

6. Clive Paine's book the 'History of Eye' will be available for sale.

7. A letter to all on the mailng list will be sent out by the end of February 2007. This will include an application form for tickets.

8. The cost of the reunion will be £17.50 per head.  The greater part of this charge will cover the buffet. It is not intended to make a profit for the association.

9. A locally well-known top class vocal duo are expected to provide live music during the evening.

10. There may be another house competition as in 2002 - possibly a 40s/50s/60s quiz format.

11. We hope to have internet access at the school so this website can be viewed and amendments suggested etc.

12. Initial returns indicate a likely attendance of 200+ - split 3 members to 1 partner/spouse.