Photo Gallery F

Photo - Houses of Parliament visit

Photo supplied by Derek Bradstreet (1943 -1950) living in Thurso, Scotland.

Visit by EGS pupils to Houses of Parliament in 1948 0r 1949.

Photo taken on the terrace of the House of Commons. Edgar Granville, Hartismere MP is in the centre of the middle row with history teacher, Miss Willis, beside him.

Maurice and Pat King (nee Gomer) have together now supplied the names of everybody on the photo.

BACK ROW. P. Smith, Michael West, Raymond Chiappino, Pat Kiddle, Janet Flowerdew, Sheila Thomas, Clifford Soames.

MIDDLE ROW. Gordon Talbot, Donald Rush, Ian Kimber, John Scott, Pat Gomer, Maurice King, Edgar Granville M.P., Miss Willis, David Patterson, John Smith, Derek Bradstreet, Bob Watts, Tony Smith, David Kiddle.

FRONT ROW. Dorothy Walker, Pamela Woods, Rosemary Girling, Mary Brunger, Margaret Martin, Joan Last.